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IN THEIR WORDS In this past legislative session, Tom led an effort in opposition to legislation that would have imposed regulations retroactively on a wind energy project that we own and operate in Maine. I was pleased with the outcome of the legislation, but even more with the manner in which Tom achieved it. What started as a contentious matter evolved into an opportunity for us to respond to concerns in our host community and to demonstrate our good faith efforts to the legislature. Tom very skillfully turned a negative situation into a positive one for us.Todd PressonPatriot Renewables


FEDERLE LAW provides superior legal and government affairs counsel in Maine.  Tom Federle works with clients that have a substantial presence in Maine or intend to; clients big or small that see opportunities and challenges that require creative and effective counsel; and clients who in striving to do well in Maine also strive to do good for Maine and the region.  Federle partners with his clients to help them efficiently achieve their legal and public policy objectives.