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IN THEIR WORDS In providing legal counsel to our Portland real estate development company, Tom has consistently delivered trusted and personal service. He led a rezoning effort that enabled our project to succeed. In addition, beyond the usual realm of legal service, Tom introduced me to someone who became my development partner and also to someone who became an equity investor. To us, as newcomers to the Portland development scene, Tom quickly became, and has remained, an essential member of our team.S.Chip NewellPresident, New Height Group


FEDERLE LAW provides superior legal and government affairs counsel in Maine.  Tom Federle works with clients that have a substantial presence in Maine or intend to; clients big or small that see opportunities and challenges that require creative and effective counsel; and clients who in striving to do well in Maine also strive to do good for Maine and the region.  Federle partners with his clients to help them efficiently achieve their legal and public policy objectives.