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IN THEIR WORDS In this past legislative session, Tom led an effort in opposition to legislation that would have imposed regulations retroactively on a wind energy project that we own and operate in Maine. I was pleased with the outcome of the legislation, but even more with the manner in which Tom achieved it. What started as a contentious matter evolved into an opportunity for us to respond to concerns in our host community and to demonstrate our good faith efforts to the legislature. Tom very skillfully turned a negative situation into a positive one for us.Todd PressonPatriot Renewables

About Federle Law

Tom Federle grew up in Waterville, Maine, began practicing law in 1996, and quickly rose to be the managing member of a successful Augusta-based law firm.  Tom has successfully represented municipalities, businesses, associations and individuals in Maine’s District, Superior and Supreme Courts, before Maine’s regulatory agencies, before municipal planning and zoning boards, and before the Maine Legislature.  In his appellate practice, Tom has briefed and argued more than thirty appeals from state and municipal regulatory decisions before Maine’s Superior and Supreme Court. 

In 2005, Tom took a sabbatical from private practice to accept an appointment to serve as the Chief Legal Counsel to Maine’s Governor.  In that role, Tom was counsel to the Governor on all legal matters, worked with Maine’s Attorney General, and advised members of the Governor’s Cabinet and other state officials across the executive branch of government.  Upon leaving the Governor’s Office, Tom re-established his private practice of law.

Tom lives with his wife and children in Yarmouth, Maine where he serves on the Yarmouth Planning Board.  Tom works from his office on the Portland waterfront and his office next to the Statehouse in Augusta.