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IN THEIR WORDS In this past legislative session, Tom led an effort in opposition to legislation that would have imposed regulations retroactively on a wind energy project that we own and operate in Maine. I was pleased with the outcome of the legislation, but even more with the manner in which Tom achieved it. What started as a contentious matter evolved into an opportunity for us to respond to concerns in our host community and to demonstrate our good faith efforts to the legislature. Tom very skillfully turned a negative situation into a positive one for us.Todd PressonPatriot Renewables

Municipal Law

Tom has served as legal counsel to numerous municipalities in Maine. In that capacity, he authored and successfully defended in Superior Court a precedent setting land use ordinance regulating adult entertainment establishments. He has been hired to represent municipal boards when reviewing appeals from land use decisions. Tom also regularly represents individuals and businesses in legal matters before municipal boards.

Land Use/Zoning

Tom has an expertise in land use and zoning matters and regularly represents clients in permitting and enforcement matters. His advocacy skills and demeanor are particularly effective before volunteer tribunals such as planning boards and zoning boards. Tom has a tremendous track record of success in this kind of forum.

Property Law

Tom successfully represents clients in all matters relating to real property including disputes arising over property rights and uses, boundaries, easements, and title. In these sometimes emotional property disputes, Tom finds sensible solutions while zealously advocating for his client's rights.

Real Estate Development

Tom counsels clients in all aspects of real estate development including property acquisition, zoning and permitting, financing, construction, condominium creation, leasing and selling.

Appellate Practice

Tom has argued more than thirty appeals from municipal decisions before Maine's Superior Court and Supreme Court. Tom uses this appellate experience to provide his clients with valuable insight into all aspects of regulatory proceedings, from initial application through appeal.

General Business Representation

Tom serves as counsel to scores of Maine businesses needing efficient, practical corporate counsel in areas of choice of entity, formation, governance, acquisition, and compliance.