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IN THEIR WORDS Tom has been the primary lobbyist for Time Warner Cable's Maine operations for the past seven years. He has a real knack for distilling complex issues for policy makers, has always been able to advance our positions effectively, and consistently has outperformed for us. Tom is well respected by legislators on both sides of the aisle.Melinda PooreSenior Vice President, Governmental Relations, Time Warner Cable

Lobby Practice

Since 2000, Tom has been an extremely effective advocate and lobbyist for clients before the Maine Legislature. Tom has represented some of Maine's largest businesses and associations in advancing sound public policy positions. Tom's work experience both in the private sector and at the highest levels of state government provides him with invaluable perspective and real know-how. Tom puts this to work for his clients to influence the outcome of legislation that impacts his client's objectives. Tom's balanced demeanor and tenacity combine to make him a particularly effective advocate before the Maine legislature.