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In this past legislative session, Tom led an effort in opposition to legislation that would have imposed regulations retroactively on a wind energy project that we own and operate in Maine. I was pleased with the outcome of the legislation, but even more with the manner in which Tom achieved it. What started as a contentious matter evolved into an opportunity for us to respond to concerns in our host community and to demonstrate our good faith efforts to the legislature. Tom very skillfully turned a negative situation into a positive one for us.

Todd PressonPatriot Renewables

I have worked professionally with Tom for over 15 years. In the realm of legislative advocacy and regulatory challenges, Tom has no equal. He has the respect of lawmakers because of his balanced demeanor, and the admiration of clients like me because of his tenacity.

Kevin MattsonManaging Member, Dirigo Capital Advisors, LLC

In providing legal counsel to our Portland real estate development company, Tom has consistently delivered trusted and personal service. He led a rezoning effort that enabled our project to succeed. In addition, beyond the usual realm of legal service, Tom introduced me to someone who became my development partner and also to someone who became an equity investor. To us, as newcomers to the Portland development scene, Tom quickly became, and has remained, an essential member of our team.

S.Chip NewellPresident, New Height Group

I first hired Tom 12 years ago for his expertise in a Maine land use matter. He impressed me then not only with a hard-earned victory but with the manner in which he won it. I have relied on his trusted Maine counsel, to my benefit, ever since. If you are looking for honest, intelligent counsel in Maine, I’d suggest that you start with Tom, as I did.

S. Donald Sussman

Over the past two years, Tom single-handedly led a legislative effort that relieved my company from the obligation to pay a regulatory fee that was embedded in statute long ago but that had little relevance in today's marketplace. Tom's skill and perseverance really paid off and he got the job done.

Ted McNaughtCritical Alert Systems

Tom has been the primary lobbyist for Time Warner Cable's Maine operations for the past seven years. He has a real knack for distilling complex issues for policy makers, has always been able to advance our positions effectively, and consistently has outperformed for us. Tom is well respected by legislators on both sides of the aisle.

Melinda PooreSenior Vice President, Governmental Relations, Time Warner Cable